Metoo Healer PDRN + Peptides


MeToo Healer PDRN Booster. Anti-Aging Skin Revitalizer.

53 Composition base on Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamins + Amion acids
+ Coenzyme + Nucleic acid+ Minerals +Antioxidant

MeToo Healer PDRN Boost CH No10 is an anti-aging skin revitalizer produced during the 35 years of cell studies in the top anti-aging research center. The active ingredients needed to creat an enviroment for opromal functioning of dermis fibroblasts such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes nucleic acids and high-molecular amounts of hyaluronic acids combine at the highest rate to stimulate the core function of the cells and activate rgeneration, thus rejuvenating the skin with pigmentation, wrincles and reduced elasticity.

The 0.2 Nano Mash filter sterilization system has been used to prevent the damage of the active component of skin cells.

Package: 3ml x 10 vials”


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Made in Korea


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