PDO Screw Type Thread (1 pack – 20 pcs)


For Face Contour, Double Chin, Body Contour (Neck, Breast, Buttock).

  • Component: PDO (Polydioxanone) 20ea/1 pack, 5 packs/1box (100ea)
  • Absorption Period of PDO: Approximately 6 months after the injection
  • The twisted thread around the needle increases tension of injection

Multi Thread Shows Maximized Effect by Combining with Other Cell Therapies

Multi Thread is a model in which multiple threads are twisted together. It shows a satisfying lifting effect even without the combination with other therapies as Multi Thread has stronger tension of injection comparing to a single thread models.

  • PDO Screw 29g 25mm
  • PDO Screw 29g 38mm
  • PDO Screw 30g 25mm
  • PDO Screw 30g 38mm
  • PDO Screw 26g 60mm
  • PDO Screw 26g 38mm
  • PDO Screw 26g 90mm
  • PDO Screw 27g 38mm
  • PDO Screw 27g 60mm
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Made in Korea


PDO Screw 29g 25mm, PDO Screw 29g 38mm, PDO Screw 30g 25mm, PDO Screw 30g 38mm, PDO Screw 26g 60mm, PDO Screw 26g 38mm, PDO Screw 26g 90mm, PDO Twin 27g 38mm, PDO Screw 27g 60mm


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