PLLA Mono Type Thread (1 pack – 20pcs)


For Face Contour, Double Chin, Body Contour (Neck, Breast, Buttock)

Mono Thread to Induce Self-healing Process

Mono Thread is a single thread product to promote collagen and elastin synthesis by inducing self-healing process.

PLLA Mono 29g 38mm
PLLA Mono 30g 25mm
PLLA Mono 30g 38mm
PLLA Mono 26g 60mm
PLLA Mono 26g 90mm
PLLA Mono 31g 12mm

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Made in Korea


PLLA Mono 29g 38mm, PLLA Mono 30g 25mm, PLLA Mono 30g 38mm, PLLA Mono 26g 60mm, PLLA Mono 26g 90mm, PLLA Mono 31g 12mm


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