Touch BR (1 vial)


Touch BR inhibits the synthesis of melanin pigment in the skin, and is effective for whitening effect.

Touch BR acts decreasing melanin synthesis, therefore reduces skin pigmentation, age spots and freckles. It provides a whitening effect, illuminating and depigmentating to the skin, luminosity and transparency.

For better efficacy, it is recommended at least 6 times.

Inject into the dermis using 32G needle, 4 mm. Also can be used with MTS and dermaroller.

Main Ingredients:

  • 3 Biomimetic peptides:
    • Oligopeptide-50,
    • oligopeptide-34,
    • oligopeptide-51: inhibit the melanin synthesis due to the tyrosinase synthesis
  • Whitening boosting complex XT80:
    • Patented state-of the art formulation technologies consisting of 34 Amino acids and vitamin complexes
  • Niacinamide:
    • At American Academy of Dermatology, a research was conducted which proved that the niacinamide is an excellent skin lightening agent that works by down-regulating transfer of melanosomes from the melanocytes to the keratinocytes. 
  • Vitamin C:
    • Vitamin C inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase. By doing this, less melanin pigments are produced. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant. It fights free radicals that cause skin aging and darkening.

2 ml – 1 vial. Price is per one vial.

Storage instruction: Keep sealed and store at 2~8°C 
Country of Manufacturer: South Korea


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Made in Korea


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